Gears Streaker part 3


Since everyone involved knew the cue, we all knew to keep our heads down so as to appear to be taken by surprise. The only exception to this was Walt. Everyone who had ever attended a hockey game at the Civic Center knew too well that it was, without question, "Walt's ice" and no intruder would be able to trespass on his turf without having to deal with Walt. Thus, if he did nothing, it would be painfully obvious that it was an inside job. So, Walt was cast to drop his shovel and run to intercept the streaker, but fall and miss. He did exactly that, and made it look real to boot. Once the streaker had successfully crossed the ice, he ran through Zamboni alley and turned left toward the rear exit door. Rather than going outside, however, he met his accomplice, Pat, who had already placed Bob the streaker's clothing in it's trash bag in the nearby trash compactor room.

Pat opened the compactor room door for Bob who streaked straight in, Pat then closed that door and simply kicked open the exit door and let it slowly close on its own so when the crowd that came in pursuit of the streaker arrived seconds later- it appeared as if someone had just ran from the building. All Pat had to do there after was stand there and look puzzled, but he added to the event by mumbling something about a get-away car. A gaggle of people of all sorts including police officers poured through the exit door looking for the streaker that simply was not there. Meanwhile, Bob was just a few feet away, in the trash compactor room, dressing back into his usher's outfit. He waited nearly a half hour for things to cool off before he stuck his head out where Pat was faithfully guarding the door. Seeing that the coast was clear, Bob and Pat simply went back into the arena and mixed into the still confused atmosphere. Amazingly, no one ever spilled the beans, the legend of the streaker lived until the end of the Gears franchise and not until this publication was the entire true story ever told to the public at large. Prior to his passing away in December 2004, my dad, Walt read this entire story as published here and said, "Yep. That's exactly how it happened."

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