Growing up in Zamboni alley


Today, we live in a world where parents worry about dividing their time between work and "quality time" spent with the kids. In our family, there was no such worry. In my dad's ZAMBONI® alley, for us kids, his work was quality time. A good example is caught in the picture seen here, where my brother Craig snoozes on the ZAMBONI® while dad watches over the Gears, playing on his ice. The odds are that on that day, Craig had done two sessions of public skating, starting at 10:00 a.m., with some additional shinny in between, followed by some pre-game skating before dad refinished for the game, then dinner in the Blue Line Club and then the Gears Game... of course that was on Saturday, so on Sunday we would do the same thing all over again. No wonder the kid was crashed out on the ice resurfacing machine! Mom even got into the act as she was the first member of the family to work at the Civic Center. Seen here in a Saginaw News photo- she is the one in the right of the circle- Mom takes a break to watch a fight. During hockey season, our entire family spent most weekends and lots of week days at the Civic Center, skating, laughing watching the Gears and being together.

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