There's a brown 76 Olds in the parking ramp...

For most of the early existence of the Gears, home games were announced over Wendler Arena's PA system by the voice of Jerry Werle. Occasionally, however, the voice of Bill Courbier would substitute over the PA system.

Courbier was one of the most popular Disk Jockeys at WSAM Radio 14 in Saginaw. These were the days when AM radio played top 40 rock-N-roll and the jocks actually spun disks. WSAM also became the "Home of the Gears" from 1972 until the team folded. Courbier, like fellow DJ, Ron Jay Scott became more and more involved with the Gears as time went on. By 1976 Scott was doing "color" on the radio broadcasts and Courbier was filling in on Werle's microphone.

Often during the early warm-ups, as he activated the microphone to begin his turn announcing the game, Courbier's very first announcement would be, "There is brown 76 Olds in the parking ramp, licence 266B30, with it's lights on, it's locked with the key in it... the car is running!" Most of the early arriving fans in the arena would laugh. The joke, however, was on them- you see, the announcement was a fake and the car was Courbier's.

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