A special comment

I'm getting a lot of comments here from Gears fans and players, but I'm also getting a few that I consider to be very special, because they come from folks that are good friends of mine that I've not heard from in decades. This one comes from Bruce Cech. Bruce and I went all through Nelle Haley Elementary school together. We were in the 3rd grade together when he advanced and was wisely flunked and then ended up a year behind him. As it turned out, Bruce became (if I recall correctly) the Captain of patrol boys in the 6th grade and then ended up training me to be a captain the next year. So to say that Bruce and I go way back would be an understatement. It is Bruce's story, however, that I find must be elevated beyond the "comment's" area- so here it is. Bruce, it is GREAT to hear from you after all these years.

“ I was an usher at the Civic Center in the early days of the Gears..Then a season ticketholder...I broke into broadcasting having worked at WSAM. And it was Al Blade that inspired me to get into play-by-play hockey broadcasting. My first gig was calling Alaska Gold King mens senior hockey in Fairbanks, Alaska. Dennis Desrosiers hired me to call Saginaw General/Hawks hockey for two seasons...Alaska called again and I returned to call University of Alaska Nanook Hockey...Just completed my 23rd season as voice of the Nanooks, members of the CCHA!!! BRUCE CECH(Saginaw High 1975) March 29, 2011 2:50 AM”

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