Say What?!

You knew the slumping Gears were desperate to draw a crowd when their standard ad published in the Saginaw News did not boast of "Free Puck Night" or "Free Stick Night" nor did it feature any of the Gears players. Instead, the November 21st., 1973 ad promoted another team's player!

Yes- that golden boy, heart-throb of many a bubble-gum female in the Saginaw area, who had been monikered the IHL's "Least Improved Player" in the previous season and who had just been traded to the Fort Wayne Komets was coming back to Wendler arena! Raynald Tessier's face was placed into the ad for tonight's game. Hell, with "student's" paying just $2 for a seat, the combination should draw scores of squealing bubble-gumers from all over the Tri Cities.

Exactly why Tessier was traded is a but fuzzy as of this writing. Perhaps it was his wounded wrist from training camp, or perhaps his tendency to leave his zone while attempting to be Bobby Orr, or perhaps after being paid just enough to eat and pay his rent last season he had made the mistake of asking for a raise. Heck, we all make bad career decisions.

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