To get your Saginaw Gears commemorative stuff CLICK this link...

BTW- this is good quality stuff here. No "iorn-on" logos and no cheap-O shirts. I buy all of my logo'ed company items here for my other web sites. CafePress uses a special ink process on the shirts that is resistant to fading and since it soaks into the material it will not crack and is not stiff. I have shirts that I've worn and washed for several years and they hardly fade at all. Likewise the mugs are dishwasher safe and really hold up under use. Plus, if you have a flaw in what you get, simply contact CafePress and they replace the item- no questions asked. Most of these items are being sold at cost, so I can give you the best price.

Wes Oleszewski
Saginaw Gears Dot Com

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