That's right folks, I'M BACK! 

After 9 months with my head in the author zone, I'm finally able to take enough time and do some writing that actually doesn't pay me a dime.

My 25th book is out as is the 25th and a second edition of my "Apollo Part One" book which takes place in Saginaw! The text is 75,000 words long and between the covers are more than 90 historic photos. Anyone who hasn't written a book under a deadline cannot tell you what it's like to be in that zone. As the final 7 months of creation begin to pile up, you really can focus on nothing more than the manuscript. Even my wife, who has bee with me for all of my books, gets to the point when she openly says, "I cannot wait until you're done with that damned book!" To which I reply, "Huh?... what, did you say something?" Frankly, ya' need to put the entire world aside and just write. It's just the process.

Yes- my publisher is Avery Color Studios and they ARE taking pre-orders by phone, 800-722-9925, price is $17.95 plus shipping.

This one is number 25. It's an aviation spy thriller INVISIBEL EVIL

This one is about the Apollo program- including Apollo 11 and it takes place in Saginaw! it just went BEST SELLER!
See more of my work HERE!!

In March 3, 2018, I was in Saginaw. Took my two little daughters to the Saginaw Spirit game... and wore my Gears No. 15 home jersey! I met a lot of former Gears fans and my kids had a great time seeing where their daddy grew up... Wendler Arena! It was their first hockey game and they had a BLAST! Thank you Saginaw Spirit!

Standing in Zamboni alley after the game, as the crew were out on the ice preparing to remove the game nets and put out the practice pipes, those days of the Gears came flooding back to me. I felt like I needed to grab a shovel and go help out. But, I don't do that anymore- now I do this. Yet it feels great to know that the arena is again alive with hockey fans- young and old.

Now- it's on to more remembering the Gears!

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